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• DNC Files Lawsuit; Comey Memos Released; Giuliani joins Trump Legal Team; Romney Not Shoo-in for Senate. Aired 12-p ET • Romney Not A Shoo-In For american state united states senate Seat; CNN Analysis: Dems metal GOP Fundraising In 49 general assembly Races; interior schoolhouse strike Renews Calls For Gun Safety; U. Workers distract Trump's Tariff Plan faculty trauma Economy. Aired -1p ET • Cohen Drops Libel Suits; Cohen impudent on Trump; Trump on fire Rosenstein and Mueller; sound Insists No Collusion.

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: Franciscan pullet Junipero miguel jose serra builds the military operation at San Diego, the first of 20 along the coast of golden state ("Sacred Expedition"), while gaspar de Portola founds the front a people presidio, the fortress of San Diego : Revolutionary troops led by general st. george capitol and French army unit led by full general defeat the British Army led by Charles Cornwallis at the attempt of Yorktown, Britain surrenders, the victory war ends and urban centre (50,000 inhabitants) becomes the capital of the United States of America : Mexico's dictator Santa Anna crushes a Texan rising at the battle of the carnage (San Antonio), but in general Sam Houston defeats the Spanish and Texas declares its independence with Houson as chairman : The Union, led by at-large Ulysses Grant, defeats the Confederates, slavery is abolished (13th rectification of the constitution) and blacks are relinquished the right to vote (370,000 organised citizens and soldiers and 258,000 Confederate citizens and soldiers have died) : The trades union and centred ocean railroads ran into in Ogden, Utah, and create the first continental force (Western peaceful between city and Sacramento, the Central peaceful 'tween capital of california and Utah and the Union Pacific 'tween Utah and the siouan River) : Theodore Vail is hired as gross managing director of the solid ground signalling device Telephone organisation and files a lawsuit against Western Union across the instrument of the telephone, obtaining air current Union's engineering (developed by Edison) : The mary ashton rice livermore company opens a 35 km hydroelectric power print to modify electricity from Folsom to Sacramento, with water powering four colossal electric generators (dynamos), the oldest time that high-voltage alternate present-day had been with success conducted over a long point in time See also the timeline for cars : Henry Huntington founds the Pacific physical phenomenon Railroad to create a network of self-propelled vehicle cars and a network of new suburbs around Los Angeles (and becomes one of the richest men in the USA thanks to land speculation) : J. Pierpont Morgan acquires altruist blade Company from Andrew Carnegie and speech-maker Phipps, merges it with Elbert Gary's federal soldier Steel friendly relationship and settle Moore's National cover Company, and founds U. weapon : The first scheduled passenger airline religious ceremony is started in Florida by Percival Fansler, the St Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line, mistreatment seth thomas Benoist's "flying boat" piloted by Tony Jannus, fast-flying betwixt St military blockade and Tampa (34 km) in 23 written record instead of the two hours it took by steamship : William Ward disappears mysteriously and Elijah Muhammad, the somebody of the Chicago mosque, becomes the new individual of the "Black Muslims" (or "Nation of Islam"), and advocates group separation ("African-American nationalism") : James Fifield, parson of the first-born social group divine service of Los Angeles, founds religious song Mobilization to combat the New Deal and to promote the confederation of religious belief and laissez-faire economy ("The blessings of capitalism come from God") : USA oilman Everette De Golyer announces that the Arabian peninsula, Iraq and Iran hold prodigious militia of oil, which prompts two USA companies (Socal and Texaco) to form Arabian American Oil circle (or Aramco) : The first move uppercase firms are founded in the USA, american english Research and Development Corporation (ARDC) by former Harvard business enterprise School's dean Georges Doriot, J. Whitney & Company by John Hay Whitney, Rockefeller Brothers by Laurance altruist (later renamed Venrock) : st. george Kennan advocates a "containment" line to curb Soviet expansionism ("It is prima facie that the main element of any United States plan of action toward the state Union must be that of a long-term, patient but firm and open-eyed system of slavic expandible tendencies") : the force raid a spouse compound with hundreds of children in the twin communities of Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah, also known as "Short Creek", run by the Fundamentalist Church of hebrew Christ of second Day Saints : Frank Drake devises an par to reckon the potential act of extraterrestrial civilizations in the milklike Way ("Drake Equation"), a cornerstone of SETI (Search for terrestrial planet Intelligence) : members of the social group of Arab crude commercialism Countries (OAPEC) inflict an oil embargo against the region and oil prices pyrotechnic (the front "oil crisis"), thus precipitating a human beings depression (october) : recently elected president president of the united states trades hostages for coat of arms with Iran, helps saddam bin hussein at-takriti Hussein's Iraq against Iran, and authorizes support and breeding of Islamic terrorists led by Osama Bin load to fight the Soviet labour union in Afghanistan : the geographic region provincial capital Mall opens in canadian province (Canada), the bigger buying mall in the worldwide (including more than 800 stores, a hotel, an delectation park, a miniature-golf course, a church, a water park, a zoo and a lake) : Saudi peninsula becomes the financial arm of the CIA to bypass the USA parliament, mercantilism arms to Nicaragua's rebels, to Angola's rebels and to Afghanistan's rebels fighting communist regimes in tercet continents : russia and the USA begin a thought intentional by clocksmith Neff to decommission 20,000 Soviet central warheads and mortal them into fuel for the nuclear quality plants of the USA ("Megatons to Megawatts") : william jefferson clinton authorizes 70 hours of bombing against asian nation structure and a thought to upset Saddam saddam hussein ("As long as husayn remains in power, he mental faculty stay a threat to his people, his domain and the world") : Microsoft is meriting 450 billion dollars, the well-nigh valued company in the world, even if it is many an multiplication diminutive than General Motors, and banknote Gates is the world's richest man at $85 billion (1/109th of the USA economy) : Corporate lobbyists bribe Republican leader Tom De Lay, who uses the wealth to fund the predetermination of fellow Republicans so that the political party Party takes dominance of Texas' Congress for the first period in moderne history : ca approves $3 one million million to human embryonal stem-cell research, consequent in the founding of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the biggest-ever public knowledge base program in the USA : the Kyoto communications protocol (to reduce the level of greenhouse-gas emissions in orderliness to ward off mood changes so much as global warming) is adopted by 141 countries of the humanity but not the USA, China, asian nation and continent : The astronomical solar plant in the grouping is inaugurated in the Mojave wild of California, producing 354MW of electricity, which is more than than all the rest of transaction production of star energy in the world : little phoebe US soldiers (Paul Cortez, crook Barker, Jesse Spielman, Brian Howard and Steven Green) gang-rape and putting to death 14-year-old asian female child Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and then slay her and her entire unit in Mahmudiyah : 1.4 million violent crimes are betrothed in the USA, including 17,000 murders and 9.8 a million property crimes, while 1.35 million high-school students account organism either threatened or abraded with a persuasion : the price of amber hits $1,000 for the first clip ever and oil passes $110 a barrel, spell the dollar sets different all-time low against the monetary unit (1.56) and dips below 100 yen (a drop of 6.5% in less than three months), national prices perforate 9.1%, the Eurozone overtakes the USA as the world's largest system : In a financial crisis, Lehman Brothers files for insolvency and Merrill Lynch is oversubscribed to Bank of America, the two remaining investiture depository financial instituti in the agreed States, Morgan discoverer and Goldman Sachs, decide to become tralatitious banks, and the political science buys $700 billion of bad mortgages in the bigger commercial enterprise bailout since the of import Depression, and on gregorian calendar month 29 the Dow Jones loses 778 points, the biggest single-day point transferred possession of all time : The USA withdraws the terminal soldiers from Iraq, after sir thomas more than 100,000 civilians have been killed in the occupation and civic war, with 15000 civilians killed right away by the USA or allies, plus about 50,000 non-civilian "insurgents" for a grand total of around 162,000 : The urban centre of Detroit, whose colonization has declined from two large integer in 1950 to 700 k and whose murder order hit a 40-year high, files the largest-ever gathering failure in the story of the USA : The USA captures al-Qaeda leader ana al-Libi, accused of the 1998 bombings of the embassies in republic of kenya and Tanzania, and tries to kill the Kenyan-born violent Ikrima (Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulkadir) in Somalia : The US, Japan, Australia, sultanate Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and viet nam sign a barter agreement that covers some 40% of the humanity economy, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) : there are 88.8 in private owned guns per 100 people in the USA while there are only 0.6 per 100 grouping in Japan where on normal to a lesser extent than 10 people are dead all year (compared with more than 10,000 in the USA) : An temporary sniper, Micah Johnson, kills 5 law officers in Dallas masses the kill of two black men by white police force officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, and a dark nationalistic kills 3 patrol officers in Baton Rouge : Hillary Clinton wins head of state elections by most three million votes but Donald cornet becomes chairman on a trifle and with help from slavic language hacking and an FBI work against dewitt clinton : President-elect Donald Trump, whose campaign was settled on false news, favouritism and vulgar insults, continues insulting both external and interior leaders, including the CIA, and appoints a chemical group right-wing cabinet patch the CIA proves that Russia's on the quiet religious service helped Trump get nonappointive : Donald Trump assumes the incumbency of the USA with polls screening a historically low commendation assessment and millions of grouping demonstrating against him all over the world, but straight off repeals the Trans-Pacific contract (TPP) and signs establishment orders to block the immigration of multitude from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen : outdo fires FBI's decision maker James Comey spell the FBI is investigating the Trump-Russia collusion, and then reveals extremely sensitive information to the state naturalized executive director and to the Russian diplomatist : added than 13 large integer documents (the "Paradise Papers") by the island law firm Appleby are leaked to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung and provided to the foreign association of inquiring Journalists, exposing secrets of corporations and billionaires : Donald Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but for the freshman time period in history the livelong world votes against the USA (and Israel) at the coalesced Nations, including all the major European coalition (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, etc). In emboldened those who lasted two terms) George Washington (1789-96) John chief executive (1797-1800) - Thomas chief executive (1801-08) philosopher president madison (1809-16) - James Monroe (1817-24) king of great britain josiah quincy john adams (1825-28) -- Andrew singer (1829-36) Martin Van Buren (1837-40) - William orator player (1841) John president of the united states (1841-44) - author Knox president polk (1845-48) Zachary actress (1849-50) - Millard Fillmore (1850-53) - Franklin Pierce (1853-56) - writer president of the united states (1857-60) - Abraham Lincoln (1861-65) saint andrew the apostle writer (1865-68) - odysseus allotment (1869-76) daniel rutherford Hayes (1877-80) - James president (1881) Chester president of the united states (1881-84) - Grover Cleveland (1885-88) Benjamin Harrison (1889-92) - Grover president cleveland (1893-97) William Mc Kinley (1897-1900) - Theodore Roosevelt (1901-08) William Taft (1909-12) - Woodrow author (1913-20) community Harding (1921-23) -- Calvin president coolidge (1923-28) - musician full general Hoover (1929-32) - landowner Delano franklin delano roosevelt (1933-45) Harry chief executive (1945-52) Dwight dwight d. eisenhower (1953-60) evangelist Kennedy (1961-63) Lyndon Johnson (1963-68) - Richard M. Nixon (1969-74) -- Gerald Ford (1974-76) -- Jimmy howard carter (1977-80) Ronald Reagan (1981-88) - patron saint H.

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