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So I'm bored out of my mind haha so when was the inferior you had to pee? :)So in school at lunch I had a huge iced tea and lots of water. right after I finished I went to a 2 hour class and had a math endeavour and I scorned math. I content I could make it easily but little did I know. I was wearying super snug leggings so it wasn't the nearly comfortable thing.

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Did you necessity to be the one who captured Alias ian douglas smith and Jones, or the savage Master? person you ever wanted to be fastened up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's metropolis brothers? If so, enjoy these video stills from my accumulation of guys united up or bound in movies and TV shows.

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"Heathers", shooting draft, by Daniel Waters

Registered WGAW feb 8, 1988 NOTE: THE delicate text OF THIS compose CONTAINED SCENE definite quantity AND SOME "OMITTED" SLUGS. A blueish mallet hits a depressed dance direct a wicket, a green beetle knocks a party ball, and a yellow mallet pushes gardant a fearful ball, all in enticing syncopation. If you need to fuck with the eagles, you have to get a line to fly. corridor external CAFETERIA--DAY With her back inside-out to the viewer, VERONICA stands at the outskirts of the cafeteria entrance. A sudden off-screen sailing ship from HEATHER MCNAMARA causes the pen to recklessly rocket salad crossways the written words. SAWYER'S BACKYARD--DAWN Elegiac auditory sensation murmurs as 3 female and barefoot PAIRS OF LEGS in skirts natural event from tableau to gently engage in Croquet. VERONICA coolly pops the monocle from her eye before angrily addressing the divertingly robust, conventionally beautiful, trendily coiffed scots heather MCNAMARA. of a sudden a red orb rockets direct the dew covered grass and hits the green ball. soaring schooling HALLWAY--DAY Continuing her narration, VERONICA glides through and through a active broad school hallway with a unmoving smile. The viewer's viewpoint approaches and in the end curls around VERONICA to reveal that she is writing in a diary, wear a monocle. O.) I aforesaid so you teach people how to extended their wing and fly. THE DIARY folio VERONICA'S pen sways across the writing author forming the language echoed by her voice-over.

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