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The happy face of media-glorified homosexuality masks a cimmerian side that is rarely talked about. In the past 5 years, 22% of 2,281 phallic homosexuals reported gay-on-gay physical furiousness and 5.1% rumored gay-on-gay rape. Family Research Institute, a Colorado-based think vessel specializes in studies correlative to family issues. Homosexually partnered adults are 100 times more than liable to written report municipal wildness than heterosexual married adults. For more than two decades they hold researched homosexuality’s status threats and cultural damage ignored by Big Media or government activity agencies. Two factors emerged as the cause of this edible fat of the existence span: erect diffusive of sexually transmitted disease (STD) and violence. (See Few day recall that, when AIDS was ascertained it was known as GRID, Gay Related status Deficiency.

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There are no articles on gayness in the law but undefined references to public lesson and public order. The police has the jural right to cinematography anyone who looks queer to the patrol station for interrogation. The general crime level in big cities is among the lowest in Europe.

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