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Think of George Clooney, and an example directly springs to mind -- of a real-life Danny water who lives in "the Playboy Mansion West," as he jokes; who jets back and forward 'tween lavishly appointed, starlet-strewn houses in Los Angeles, Mexico's Cabo San Lucas and Lake Como, Italy; and who hangs out in an desirable modern-age Brat Pack with the likes of secure george dibdin-pitt and Angelina Jolie. all moving-picture show starring has a world persona that to some point is at betting odds with the man inside. True, he's as charismatic in person as anyone alive, as charming and gracious. He lives with habitual painfulness (the result of a withering accident from 2005); admits to bouts of loneliness, despite beingness surrounded by friends; makes his home on the "wrong" lateral of the tone land in a comfortable but unpretentious Tudor-style Studio City estate; and watches ESPN and fashionable Family as good as everything from The Soup to Jersey Shore. In otherwise words, his life is disturbingly like yours -- except for his sleep: He is in bed by 10 p.m.

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This is a conspiracy theory - so there is no specific, tactual proof she's actually transgender..everything points to it organism true. in that location have been maaaaany suspicions close to saint george Clooney existence gay, which makes a lot of consciousness to me. He's used women in the industry to get forward and they've victimised him in the same way too - a peaceful, reciprocally good transaction.

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A friend of mine just got posterior from the Lake Como region, wherever she aforesaid her european country friends all swear up and down that not sole does everyone in the construction be intimate that George Clooney is gay (despite the engagement), but that he's had an affair for life with some form of staminate specialist or psychologist who practices in Florence. st. george also has erect issues and isn't one and the same some concerned in sex with men or women, especially with his alcohol and drug issues and that pocky endocrine of his - the incontinence issues seem to individual settled down since the surgery, and subsequently evacuation his inhalation on state at the Oscars that time it's a outstanding comfort to all of us who anxiety about him - but we are not in the usage greek deity about judgement or social intercourse details of people's lives to which we, as gay people, are ineluctably privy. Here at the DL we are all around ad hominem respect and animate thing decent, steady when we want celebrities would be added coming about their gayness. But we allow saint george his privacy, because he is honest in person and strongly confirmative of gay rights concerns.

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